Our screw compressors are the optimal solution for continuous and energy-saving compressed air generation.

When we consider the entire lifecycle of a screw compressor, it’s not the acquisition and service costs that make up the majority of the financial outlay, but the energy costs. Screw compressors operate particularly efficiently – and are therefore the most economically sound choice – in situations where a continuous compressed air supply or high rates of free air delivery are required. This means that both oil injection-cooled and oil-free screw compressors are suitable to be used as base-load machines in networked compressor systems. Pressures used generally lie at 7.5 or 8 as well as at 10 and 13 bar.

Pure Air for You and the Environment

The highly efficient functioning of BOGE screw compressors means you benefit from low energy costs over the entire duration of a compressor’s life span. We also offer the option for a number of our compressors to be purchased with efficient, speed-regulated fan motors, saving you many extra thousands of euros per year. At the same time, annual CO² emissions are reduced by several tons. Our BOGE Duotherm heat recovery system can be used to further increase the overall efficiency of your machine: Up to 94 per cent of the energy converted to heat by compressed air production can be recovered and used for other purposes including process support or heating.