Founded in 1997, Noavar Hava Ltd. started cooperating closely with some international companies dedicated to the provision of high quality air compressors, industrial gas generators, air and gas treatment ,filtration, separation ,purification products, Pneumatics, condensate management products and accessories for a wide range of industries and applications.

Noavar Hava is the largest and the only distributor for:

in middle east and carries the largest stocks of equipment and parts which offers 24 hours response time on our services and technical support. The products and services range covers from compressed air and gas equipment, gas generators and assembly systems to related aftermarket.


We guarantee 24 hour response for offering the best possible services for all range of products. Our company’s liabilities all rest in our reputable service by the trained specialists and technitians. Noavar Hava has strong positions in Iran market and is market leader where it offers products and solutions. Our commitment and innovation formed our past, created our present, and will guide our future. Our mission is to acquire growth, to Strengthen aftermarket and to proceed with Innovations and continuous improvements. We are fully engaged in offering the best solution, and fully committed to our customers, as well as to our targets and goals. Innovative spirit is also a vital part of our identity, a vital part of our way of doing business, which has made us a leader in our industry; we should be seen as an innovator who sets the standards and exceeds high expectations.

In the field of compressed air system, Noavar Hava has a product range including rotary screw, oil-free, vane, piston, and portable compressors, ancillary products and services to satisfy all requirements For general industry, offshore, oil-free, construction, high pressure marine to gas compression. This comprehensive product range has been developed and honed though years of experience within the industry

Noavar Hava also offers the safest, most convenient and economic source of nitrogen and Oxygen available. The compact, modular design of generators allows easy upgrading of the system as production capacity expands and deliver a continuous, uninterrupted supply of high purity nitrogen gas and Oxygen gas.

Sales team

Our company with highly qualified employees in sales and service has developed tailored solutions for the customers in a decade of operation. This has made us a leading company in Iran market .

Immediate Delivery has been made possible by the biggest stocks of compressed air machines and parts in the country

Supply of non-stock products
in the shortest possible time