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 PSA Nitrogen Generators


معرفي نوآور هوا بعنوان غرفه نمونه در يازدهمين نمايشگاه بين اللملي مشهد


Noavar Hava Ltd. was recognized as the Superior booth in the 11th Int`l Exhibition of Industry held  in Mashhad from July 2-6,2009

شركت مهندسي نوآور هوا مقدم بازديد كنندگان عزيز را گرامي مي دارد

Incoming Events4/7/2010
New Products4/7/2010

Being experienced in compressed air system and industrial gas generators for more than 17 years, Noavar Hava has always been synonymous with high quality products and service. Please journey into Noavar Hava history and learn about our rich experience through our History, showcasing innovations, acquisitions and accomplishments through 10 years and so

We take tremendous pride in our good relationship with our clients all over the country and look forward to including you in our network and serving you in near future

شركت كالاي پتروشيمي
 نماينده رسمي فروش محصولات نوآور هوا
در حوزه صنايع نفت ، گاز و پتروشيمي در ايران

Noavar Hava Co. Ltd Kindly Welcome All Visitors to the 15th Int`l Industry Exhibition from Oct. 5th to 9th , 2015

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