Rotary Screw Gas Bares

Gardner Denver Natural Gas Compressors 55–720 HP (peak)

Gardner Denver’s SS Series Natural Gas Compressors are offered in ranges from 15-720 horsepower. Our rotary screw gas ends are well suited for natural gas compressor applications. All Gardner Denver gas compressors are constructed of ferrous metal. No yellow metals are used in the gas end construction. This allows the Gardner Denver Rotary Gas Compressor to be used in virtually any natural gas application.

Rotary screw gas ends are designed to be used in a lubricant flooded system. Coolant/lubricant flowing through the Rotary Gas Compressor protects the internal components from corrosive vapors. Optional drive arrangements for Gardner Denver Rotary Gas Compressors range from plain face and keyed shaft for “C” and “D” flanges and SAE engine mounts for engine-driven applications.


Component Materials

Gardner Denver oil flooded screw gas compressors contain no brass, copper materials or buna rubber. Larger Rotors are the prime reason Gardner Denver compressors save you money. The durability and efficiency of a compressor package are largely a function of the size of the gas end. The most important compressor efficiency measure to consider is the volume of compressed gas delivered and the corresponding brake horsepower required to produce that volume.

Volume Index The Gardner Denver Volume Index system is a unique system discharge port that allows for correct geometry. The V.I. was designed to gain optimized efficiency of the unit and to match the curvature of the rotor; the result is no efficiency penalty. There are no additional maintenance issues with this feature, it is easily converted to match any application.


  • Contains No Brass or Copper Materials
  • Vibration Sensor Mounting Locations
  • Large Bearings
  • Viton O-Rings
  • Mechanical Shaft Seal
  • Quick Change VI
  • (SSU “C” & SSY “C”)

“Quick Change VI Option” by Gardner Denver

Available on our models SSYG99C and SSUG99C allows for fast VI changes,in the field, on site, to match varying operating conditions. The four (4) available VI settings can be changed in minutes without the need for special tools, or the need to replace compressor components.

Large Parts Inventory

Gardner Denver maintains a large inventory of genuine OEM Rotary Gas Compressor replacement parts. Replacement parts are available to you when you need them, whether you are performing a scheduled gas end rebuild or need parts in a hurry. Count on genuine Gardner Denver replacement parts and the Gardner Denver Team commitment to you.