Our piston compressors are the ideal choice for fluctuating compressed air consumption and peaks in demand

In the event that your compressed air supply is not geared towards constant peak load operation, our piston compressors are the ideal choice. Their design makes them capable of offsetting fluctuating compressed air consumption with peaks and frequent changes in load. Pressures used generally lie at 8 bar, 10 bar, 15 bar, 30 bar, 35 bar and 40 bar.

Reliable, Effective Piston Compressors – For More Than 80 Years
Our piston compressors have proven themselves in practice over multiple decades of use: Customers from industry and trade have been relying on the BOGE name for a dependable, efficient compressed air supply for more than 80 years. The availability of a wide variety of components means that piston compressors can now be adapted to meet any and every user-specific need.

Choose between:
Oil-free or oil-lubricated compressor systems
Compressors with or without compressed air container and/or refrigerant dryers

Our exclusive use of high-grade materials results in a long service life and low maintenance expenditure.
Even at a 100 per cent duty cycle and with high final pressures, our piston compressors operate at the highest levels of reliability.