Parker offer a wide selection of high efficiency filters for the purification of various quality critical technical and industrial gases.


Guarantees in-plant CO2 quality so it remains within industry guidelines, preventing accidental product contamination during the sparkling beverage bottling process.

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PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems from Parker domnick hunter offer a comprehensive solution to preserve and guarantee the quality of gaseous carbon dioxide used in sparkling beverage bottling.

Using multi-layer adsorbant technology, the Parker domnick hunter PCO2 range includes Maxi PCO2 and Mplus PCO2 for plant scale protection.

Operating as a Quality Incident Protection removing a wide range of potential carbon dioxide impurities, the system guarantees the gas quality so it remains within industry and company guidelines, preventing detrimental consequences to the finished end beverage, producers reputation and their bottom-line.

PCO2 is the beverage industry preferred choice and is installed in over 150 countries worldwide.

• Comprehensive six stage technology
• Simple installation
• Compact design
• Low maintenance
• Low pressure drop
• Meets ISO9001:2000 standards
• Materials of construction independent verifications to comply with FDA Code of Federal Regulations title 21 CFR

• Carbon dioxide quality guaranteed – Effective in removing a combination of potential impurities and contaminants

• Protection against impurities known to create beverage flavour defects – Helps avoid product spoilage and protects bottlers reputation

• Ensures carbon dioxide meets industry and company specifications and guidelines – Cleans ‘out of specification’ gas back within beverage quality guidelines

• International sales and service support – Over 20 years experience. Purecare preventative maintenance option available

For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.