Providing a simple, economical and environmental friendly solution for the effective removal of oily condensate from a compressed air system.

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Oil/water separators are installed as part of the compressed air purification system and are designed to reduce the oil concentration in the collected condensate.

The oily condensate that is removed from the compressed air system cannot be discharged directly to the foul sewer without the oil content being reduced to within legal disposal limits.

By reducing the oil concentration in water to permitted levels, discharge can be safely directed to the foul sewer meaning large volumes of clean water, up to 99.9% of the total condensate, can be safely disposed of. This leaves a relatively small amount of concentrated oil to be disposed of legitimately and economically.

Oily condensate from the compressed air system enters the ES2000 Series oil/water separator under pressure, and is allowed to expand in the specially designed centrifugal inlet chamber. During a six stage process, the water and oil are separated, allowing the cleaned water to be safely discharged to the foul sewer through the outlet, whilst the drained oil is collected in an external oil container where it can be disposed of according to legal requirements.


• Single piece units – reduce overall footprint

• Robust, corrosion resistant, polyethylene construction, includes ribbing for extra strength

• Large main tank increases settlement time and reduces oil carryover to carbon filter stage

• High specification carbon for improved service intervals

• Increased contact time at the carbon stage, improves water quality and extending carbon life

• Adjustable oil outlet funnel for the efficient removal of separated oil

• Sealed external oil container for easy disposal

• Sample tap removes need to disconnect outlet piping when obtaining a test sample

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