High pressure filters for compressed air applications up to 350 bar g with optimized flow rates and improved housing design for high energy efficiency, maximum reliability and safe operation.

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Parker domnick hunter GH series high pressure filters are designed to be ideal for high pressure applications up to 350 bar g. The innovative construction features of the filter housing provide a reliable assembly, as well as simple and safe handling for replacing the filter element. One essential construction feature is the double O-ring seal which protects the housing thread against pollution and humidity and therefore prevents the thread from corrosion. Additionally the second O-ring prevents the filter housing parts from over winding.

By fastening the filter element via its base thread screwed on the tie-rod, this provides the greatest operating safety, even under the pressure pulsations in intermittent operation that are common for high pressure applications.

Highly effective pleated media in four different grades provide an element surface that is four times the size, compared to the conventional wrapped design. The result is a reduced flow speed and efficient separation simultaneously with low pressure drop, thus providing cost reduction during operation with reliable separation performance.


• Optimised flow rates and compact filter housing.

• Improved housing design with double O-ring sealing.

• Threaded rod element fixing.

• Pleated elements.

• Complete filter including filter element and manual drain.

• As an option filters are also available without drain.

• All filter sizes offer connectors for the installation of calibrated differential pressure gauges.

For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.