Choosing Parker compressed air exhaust silencers for pneumatic systems is the environmentally friendly and efficient solution to oil and mist contamination and noise pollution. By removing the oil mist from exhaust air, our compressed air exhaust silencers improve the working environment and reduce noise levels

Prevents oil mist from exhausted compressed air entering the atmosphere and also reduces excessive exhaust noise to accepted safety standards, providing a healthier working environment.



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Exhaust air from various pneumatic components, such as valves and cylinders often contains a significant amount of oil mist, which can be harmful to the working environment. Expanding exhaust air also produces both sudden and excessive noise, at levels generally above accepted safety standards which makes the working environment both unpleasant and unsafe.

By using a Parker domnick hunter MIST-X exhaust silencer/mist eliminator, oil mist is removed from the exhaust air and collected, preventing contamination entering the atmosphere. Additionally, noise is also reduced to accepted safety standards, thereby creating a healthier working environment.

During operation, the MIST-X coalesces oil mist which is then collected in an integral translucent oil container. The oil is drained periodically by removing the drain cap or piped away using 6mm (1⁄4″) plastic tubing. The coalescing media is specially designed to absorb the sudden shock of exhaust air. By allowing expansion to occur in a controlled manner, noise levels are greatly reduced.

The MIST-X exhaust silencer/mist eliminator is disposable and should be changed when the back pressure becomes excessive for your particular application.


• Creates a healthier working environment

• Helps eliminate dangerous oil mist

• Reduces noise pollution

• Low cost of ownership

• Easy to install

For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.