Super-compact, quiet and a low vibration level – the BOGE EO series enhances the oil-free segment and literally fills any gap. It is particularly recommended for sensitive applications in which oil-free air and unobtrusive operation are essential. Smart control allows scroll airends to be switched on or off as required. Efficiency is further improved with a two-stage aftercooler. Also as a duplex system, mounted on a receiver.

Oil-free scroll compressor with a modular design, designed as a duplex system on a receiver


  • completely oil-less
  • smallest footprint
  • very quite operation
  • oil-free compressed air
  • with receiver
  • focus control

BOGE Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
50 Hz
Motor Power Dimensions
W × H × D
Type barpsig m3/mincfm kWPS mm kg
EO 6 TR 8116 1.24043.8 11.015.0 1000 x 1825 x 1625 647
EO 6 TR 10150 0.98034.6 11.015.0 1000 x 1825 x 1625 647