Highly efficient water separators with low pressure drop for the removal of bulk condensate water from compressed air for industrial applications, providing volume flows up to 2014 m³/h..

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The Parker Zander WS2 – WS19 range of water separators are designed to remove large quantities of bulk contamination from industrial compressed air systems up to flow rates of 2014 m³/h. The units will efficiently remove water from the compressed air system, regardless if the water appears as droplets in the air stream or as wall flow. They come equipped with a ED3000 zero air-loss condensate drain but are also available without a drain.

The WS series incorporates innovative construction features, in terms of housing and internal separator design, to ensure optimum flow management which results in the lowest possible differential pressure at rated flow capacity and excellent separation performance. The result is a very consistent separation performance with separation efficiencies between 92 and 99% in a range between 25 and 125% of the nominal flow capacity, making WS series water separators ideally suited for compressed air installations with frequency controlled compressors.

• Flow rates up to 2014 m³/h @ 7 bar < 70 mbar differential pressure
• Removal of between 92 and 99% of the bulk liquid contamination
• Lowest possible differential pressure at rated flow capacity
• Supplied including zero air-loss condensate drain ED3000 series

• Cost savings due to lowest possible differential pressure
• Additional energy efficiency through included zero air-loss condensate drains
• Maintenance free
• Wide operating band with constantly high efficiencies

For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.