Automatic time controlled condensate drains for industrial compressed air treatment applications.

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The Parker Hiross CDV range of time controlled drains are designed to remove condensate from compressed air systems. They use a solenoid valve in combination with an electronic timer.

The drains are compact and can be installed on all compressed air system components like compressors, aftercoolers, dryers, filters and pressure vessels, regardless of their size or capacity. CDV condensate drains are ready to use directly from installation and after adjusting the interval and discharge times accordingly. Any further manual drainage can be omitted.


• Pressure ratings of 16 or 50 bar available

• Volume flow of up to 9000 m³/h

• Power supplies: 230 VAC, 115 VAC or 24VDC

Please note: Condensate volumes depend on the point of installation, i.e. compressor, refrigeration dryer or filter.


• Automatic and reliable consistent operation

• Compact and space saving

• Easy to install and operate

• Maintenance free

For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.