Rotary Screw Compressors are today the most widely used method of compressing air for use in almost every industry. Standard Air supplies parts to support machines from 7.5HP to 340HP.

Modular Service Kits provide an easy solution to obtaining all that is required to carry out the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules.

If a Rotary Screw Compressor needs more than a routine service, Standard Air can supply everything from individual components to Air End overhaul kits. Expensive new machine purchases can be avoided by using quality parts which until recently were unavailable or cost prohibitive.

Standard Air supplies only Original Equipment Filters and Separators as used by the compressor manufacturer. Whilst other parts suppliers may compromise on quality to offer a cheaper product, Standard Air supplies the best.

If a compressor manufacturer specifies a specific filter, we supply that filter. 

Many compressor breakdowns have been traced to poor quality separators. It is a false economy. Initially sub-standard parts may perform well but unfortunately not for as long as the correct separator which will prevent oil carryover at the specified level for up to 4 times longer. Standard Air now offers this peace of mind at a sensible price.