SAV 250-600 compressors

Variable displacement rotary screw technology (250-600 kW)

The SAV range of rotary screw compressors uses unique variable displacement technology to match compressor output to compressed air demand.


Variable displacement, maximum efficiency total reliability

  • Turn valve design maximises compressor efficiency by compressing only the volume of air required, without affecting the built-in compression ratio at partial load conditions.
  • A large, slow rotating air end will deliver much greater energy efficiency.
  • All the way from 60% to 100% capacity – SAV series compressor performance is the most consistent delivering the “ideal” performance curve.
  • System pressure sampled in 0.4 kPa increments and infi nite positioning capability of the TurnValve ensure instantaneous and precise reaction to changes in compressed air system demands – energy is not wasted by over-pressurizing the system.
  • The reliability of the TurnValve is a direct result of its absolute simplicity of design – no complicated electronics or intricate valving to troubleshoot
  • Tens of thousands of TurnValve compressors are operating globally

TurnValve™ variable displacement technology

Gardner Denver’s patented Turn Valve is the most efficient partial load capacity control system in the industry. By coupling it with the highly effi cient Kypho™ rotor design, you can reduce energy costs as much as 16%.

The genius of the TurnValve is it’s simplicity. Adapting to varying conditions, compressing only the volume of air required to meet demand without altering the compression ratio of the air end.

Unlike variable speed drive systems and sophisticated control units. The TurnValve variable displacement system is simple and reliable, capable of performing in extreme conditions.

“AirSmart” controller takes care of the details

You don’t need to be an expert on variable speed drives to operate a Gardner Denver SAV series compressor. The AirSmart controller takes care of the details. Automatically adjusting compressor performance to meet your changing system demands.

  • Smart energy cost calculation
  • Clear text indicator display
  • Multiple languages
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Pressure, Temperature , Runtime display
  • High temperature, High pressure, Reverse-phase protection function
  • 3 filter and oil change reminder
  • Ultra-low control voltage 24 VDC
  • Intelligent protection in extreme environments
  • Safe operation protection
  • Up to 5 pressure/temperature input points
  • Integrated sequence control (up to 8 compressors)
  • RS-232 series communications for local monitoring
  • RS-485 Ethernet communications for remote monitoring

Maintenance personnel love the Gardner Denver SAV series compressor range.

Components are not crammed into the smallest possible footprint. All filters are easily accessible and no piping needs to be disconnected to service the separator.