Innovation & energy efficiency guaranteed

For GD Compressors, quality and efficiency is just as important for compressed air treatment as it is for compressed air generation. Just like GD compressors, the GDD-HS series refrigerant dryers also provide a consistently high performance with optimum efficiency for many industrial compressed air applications. They are carefully selected depending on working conditions with continuous dew point monitoring enabling reliable operation with the lowest possible pressure losses and running costs.

Focused on energy saving

No Air Loss
Condensate drain This series includes an integrated, no air loss condensate drain as standard. The electronic condensate level sensor is integrated in the generously dimensioned drainage chamber of the heat exchanger and opens and closes automatically at set liquid levels by the measuring sensor, thereby ensuring no air loss drainage.

Scroll refrigerant compressor
All models from GDD120HS to GDD1800HS are fitted with a scroll refrigerant compressor and offer energy savings of up to 20% compared to traditional systems. Thanks to refrigerant back-flow resistance and a low number of components, these compressors are extremely robust.

Energy saving control with Smart Control
The multi-functional display provides an accurate digital dew point display as well as coded alarm monitoring of the refrigerant dryer.

  • Digital dew point monitoring
  • Energy-saving mode display
  • Periodic maintenance interval display
  • Status report
  • Hours run meter

The GDD-HS advantage

  • Reliable, air tight piston compressor for instant start up
  • Simple and reliable cooling circuit which undergoes strict quality testing during manufacture and requires no adjustment.
  • Safety protection built in to the cooling circuit, increases reliability
  • Easy access for maintenance

GDD4S – GDD100S: Low running costs and minimum absorbed power

The GDD4S – GDD100S series is the perfect solution for efficient removal of water vapour from compressed air and combines quality and efficiency in a reliable design with the smallest impact on the environment and on the operating costs.

Developed around a state-of-the-art Aluminum heat exchanger, with a patent pending all-in-one design, featuring an air-to-air section, an air-to-refrigerant section, a highly efficient stainless steel demister separator and a moisture collection chamber, the GDD series provides air quality with unrivalled running costs.

GDD120HS – GDD1800HS: Patented “all-in-one” heat exchanger system offers outstanding efficiency

The GDD120HS-GDD1800HS refrigerant dryers work according to the “direct expansion principle”, which, in contrast to other indirect systems such as “thermal mass”, preventing increased energy consumption when in full load mode.
The cooling circuit of these GDD-HS dryers is continuously controlled and monitored by means of a hot gas bypass valve. The GDD120HS to GDD1800HS models feature sophisticated energy saving properties. The on/off state is automatically controlled according to system demand.