Innovative Refrigeration/Adsorption Dryer Technology </h3

The premium range of oil/water separators from Gardner Denver separates oil from the condensate generated by compressed air systems, using three stages of treatment to separate difficult condensate. Utilising a specially treated adsorbent, polypropylene media, the Gardner Denver Oil-/Water Separators effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for condensate storage tanks, settling chambers or costly disposal.

The Gardner Denver GDDT dryer series with Dual Technology – an innovative family of dryers for compressed air from 2.5 to 34m³/min

“Dual Technology” combines two drying techniques, to form an optimised and unique compressed air treatment package – refrigeration technology / adsorption technology.
This technology combination provides efficient drying performance with significantly lower energy levels when compared to traditional adsorption dryers.
Patented product features and operation mean the GDDT dryer series can provide a constant
dew point (-40°C as standard) using extremely low amounts of purge air. By simply setting the
required dew point on the control panel the dryer can operate from +3°C pdp (ISO Class 4)
to -70°C pdp (ISO Class 1), in an efficient and economical manner.

• Lower operating costs vs. traditional heatless and heatregenerative adsorption dryers
• Reduced maintenance costs due to less desiccant-fill with extended life time
• Exemption from periodic vessel inspection
• Constant dew point performance – no peaks above set-point
• “Dial-a dew point feature” for seasonal operation (by-pass Option)
• Additional energy savings at partial load – (dew-pointdependent-switching)
• Compact overall dimensions – small footprint – space saving.